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About Us


The Shire of Glynn Rhe is the local chapter of an international organization founded in 1966 and dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century European history, called the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  It is a not for profit, educational organization wherein the members learn from “hands on” participation and conduct classes and/or demonstrations where they teach others what they have learned.

Geographically, the organization is divided into regions, or “kingdoms” as they are called in the Society. Glynn Rhe is located in the Kingdom of Meridies.  Meridies contains the states of Alabama, Tennessee, nearly all of the state of Georgia, the panhandle of Florida, and small portions of both Kentucky and Virginia. The shire of Glynn Rhe covers the area of Morgan and Limestone counties in North Alabama.

The members of our group engage in activities as they do across the Society, participating in things such as armored single and group combat, and artistic endeavors such as painting, illuminating, making clothing, equipment and artifacts of the Middle Ages, so as to participate in weekend events were we try to experience what it might have been like to live in such times.

We are a family-oriented group, and many of the member families have children of all ages who also participate in the fun!