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Arts and Sciences Projects


This page will feature Arts and Sciences (A & S) projects by members of our Shire. A & S projects can range from the creation and recreation of physical objects to in-depth research papers and everything in between! 


An elevation vigil book crafted by THL Muirenn inghean Chiarain for Mistress Cecily du Chinon!  Muirenn, called Morna by her friends, designed this Viking style pelican medallion to reproduce in leather work. She then cut and assembled the book and attached the medallion – all hand-stitched. This was her first venture into leatherwork. Realizing that she enjoyed ‘stabbing and hammering at things’ Morna has plans next to create two Viking style bracelets out of brass.

A lentil stew was prepared by Lady Evangeline Bajolet for a fundraiser luncheon. This medieval stew  (otherwise known as  pottage) contains lentils, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and a variety of herbs and spices simmered together in a vegetable broth. Served with dark bread, it was warming and filling! 

Pottage was an daily dish in most medieval households that had an ever changing ingredients list depending on what was in season in the garden, what was left in the storerooms, and how big the family food budget was.